We brand ourselves as the evolution of realty, and today we’ll tell you why.

Who is 2% Realty West Coast? How can buyers and sellers benefit from working with us? 

We’re a full-service real estate brokerage that offers comprehensive service for lower commissions. We brand ourselves as the evolution of realty because we don’t have the big offices or additional staff requirements of our competitors. 

Traditional real estate marketing involves flyers, newspaper and billboard ads, and radio spots, but today’s marketing involves websites, email, social media postings, and online videos. All of the traditional marketing costs are passed down to the client, but we’ve built a business model and structure that’s reduced or eliminated the majority of these expenses.

By selling your home with 2% Realty West Coast, you’d receive:

  • Full MLS exposure
  • The benefit of having your listing posted on hundreds of real estate websites worldwide
  • Professional-quality photography and floor plans
  • A top negotiator to work on your behalf to sell your home for top dollar 
  • Open houses with your approval
  • Social media exposure with neighborhood boosting to get your home in front of specific, qualified buyers 

Does it work? Yes! Over the past two years, just under 60% of all the properties listed on our local MLS ended up selling, whereas 91% of our properties ended up selling during that same time. On top of that, our list-to-sale price was over 1.5% higher than the average real estate board. Part of the reason we’re so successful is that we offer competitive buyer agent remuneration to the agent who brings in the eventual buyer of your home.

“With 2% Realty West Coast, you don’t get less—you just pay less.”

How much can you save on average? For a $500,000 home sale, we save our clients $4,300 on average. For a $1 million sale, our clients average a savings of just over $6,300. For home sales worth $2 million, they save up to $20,000. 

We offer all of our expertise and marketing regardless of the price of your property, so we don’t need to charge more just because your home is worth more. We charge what we think is fair. In the age of the internet, paying less doesn’t have to reduce the quality of the service and expertise you receive. 

This year we’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary of successful service in our marketplace, and we’re confident you’ll be happy to partner with us. With 2% Realty West Coast, you don’t get less—you just pay less. 

If you have any real estate questions or you’d like to get started buying or selling a home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.